ALEPIZ is a solution that combines a large number of functions for a complete maintenance of infrastructure. It allows make monitoring and management, make automatic actions depending on events occur, to schedule and launch tasks, make alerts, create workflows and organize interaction between company departments. Using the capabilities of ALEPIZ will provide an opportunity to reach a new level of automation in the organization's services.

ALEPIZ allows you to achieve high performance and service a large number of processes through the use of parallel computations, an asynchronous system core and components, a powerful database and the use of intelligent caching algorithms created specifically for ALEPIZ.

The modularity of the system allows the development of many components aimed at monitoring, managing and organizing interactions between departments. You can create new data collectors using specific protocols. ALEPIZ is available to expand its capabilities with action development tools that automate processes and new launchers for performing actions on remote platforms. It is possible to combine several actions into tasks. The computing core of the system contains a large number of functions that are used to process the collected data and create conditions for automating processes. Communications development tools allow you to create a events information systems, depending on the services used in the organization.



Review general information and key features of the system. The document describes various approaches to monitoring and managing infrastructure, the components of ALEPIZ, its essence, the computing core used for data processing.



The ALEPIZ interface automatically adapts to devices with different screen resolutions and input methods. Following the link you will find a description of the main elements of ALEPIZ, learn about the navigation possibilities and a flexible search system.



The documentation includes an overview of the installation and configuration of ALEPIZ, tutorials for getting started with functions, descriptions of information collectors, alerts, actions for automation, and much more.



Following the link, you can download and use ALEPIZ and additional products that expand its capabilities for free. All software is distributed under open source software licenses.



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