Using our products

You can use all our products free of charge. ALEPIZ is distributed as free and open source software. The ALEPIZ team hopes that using our products will benefit you and your business.

Thank you for being with us!

Participation in the development of the project

ALEPIZ is a non-commercial software. We do not have resources for advertising, we are only engaged in developing and trying to make the ALEPIZ better. Our team will be pleased if you choose any option to participate in the development of the project, for example:

  • Start learning ALEPIZ and use it in your infrastructure.
  • Advise ALEPIZ to your colleagues and friends.
  • Spread information about ALEPIZ in forums, social networks and mass media.
  • Publish an article on the Internet sites about how you use ALEPIZ.
  • Develop external modules of ALEPIZ, such as actions, launchers, data collectors, communication medias, etc.
  • Send us the changes that you think can improve the system.
  • Help us port ALEPIZ to other platforms.
Write how you would like to participate in the development of ALEPIZ. We look forward to your feedback!