• Easy installation


    After installation, ALEPIZ is immediately ready for use. It includes all the necessary components, including a Web server and a database server. Despite its broad capabilities, ALEPIZ was designed as an easy-to-understand system. You can understand a small number of functions and start using them right away.

    See how you can quickly install # [span.skiptranslate ALEPIZ] and start using it right away.

  • Quick start


    ALEPIZ can be quickly prepared for use in a small infrastructure by manually creating static monitoring objects without having to go deep into the system and develop your own components. We have prepared several lessons. They will help you quickly figure out the setup and start designing your own monitoring and maintenance system for your infrastructure.

    The first lesson on system implementation can be found at this link.

  • High performance


    ALEPIZ achieves high performance through the use of parallel computing, an asynchronous core, automatic load balancing among its components, a powerful database, and the use of a smart caching system designed specifically for ALEPIZ.

    In the developer and administrator guide, you will find the necessary information about the system architecture

  • Ample opportunities


    Using # [span.skiptranslate ALEPIZ], you can customize the maintenance of an extensive infrastructure, combining all its parts into a single whole, automating various processes and developing new components for its maintenance. The Administrator's Guide contains a complete description of all the processes required to implement monitoring and control in an infrastructure of any complexity.

    You can read the contents of the manual at this link

  • Interface


    Access to ALEPIZ, all settings and system management is carried out through the Web interface. It automatically adapts to work on stationary PCs, tablets or smartphones, depending on the screen size. To interact with the system, you can use both a keyboard and mouse, and touch screens. During the development of the system, a lot of attention was paid to ergonomics. The interface implements various functions for complex search and interaction between objects.

    On this page you will find a description of the system interface ALEPIZ

  • Workflow


    The system allows you to design various workflows in an organization. The Task Maker action will allow interaction between the business unit of your organization and administrators. Dashboard allows for full monitoring of events occurring in the infrastructure.

    You can read how to organize workflows on the manual pages

  • Development


    Besides the fact that ALEPIZ contains all the basic functions for monitoring and managing infrastructure, it also allows you to develop new modules to expand its capabilities. The system contains built-in development tools that allow you to quickly understand the process of creating new components.

    Please see the guide for developing actions for ALEPIZ

  • It's free

    It's free

    In today's world, more and more software developers are switching to a new form of interaction with users. Paid software fades into the background, giving way to the possibilities of free software. We support the world's leading trends and release our product under the world famous free software license GPL v3.

    You can make sure that ALEPIZ is available for free on the page with the text of the license.

  • Download ALEPIZ


    You can download ALEPIZ for free now and start using it right away. To get acquainted with the capabilities of the system, it can be quickly installed even on your PC or laptop. In addition to ALEPIZ, we provide the ability to download additional software that will allow you to use all the advantages of the system with maximum efficiency to organize monitoring and management of your infrastructure.

    You can download ALEPIZ on this page

  • Contact us

    Contact us

    Our team is always happy to receive feedback. Write to us how you use ALEPIZ, what advantages you could get during the operation of the system. We are interested to know what you would like to add to achieve the most complete ALEPIZ experience.

    Thank you for being with us!