Disabled events notification

Informs about the upcoming enable of disabled events

Disabled events notification description

The collector can be used to generate messages indicating that time of events disable are about to expire and events will be enabled soon. The event can be disabled only for certain objects. Therefore, the collector returns a data structure for each event associated with the object.


  • Days before enable events - how many days before the event is enabled
  • Disable period (days) - Notification will be made only for events that have been disabled for the number of days set in this parameter

Returned value

A JSON structure is returned with data for each counter object pair, for which the event will be enabled after the time specified by the collector parameters:

    counterID: counter ID,
    objectName: object name,
    counterName: counter name,
    disableUntil: Date and time until which the event was disabled,
    disableTime: Date and time when the event was disabled,
    user: User who disabled the event,
    timeIntervals: Time intervals for which the event was disabled,

To generate events and display them in the Dashboard, use a counter with the Events generator collector. To do this, you needs to set a dependency on the counter with the Disabled events notification collector, create variables with the data received from the parent counter and generate the required information, for example:

Event #%:COUNTER_ID:% "%:OBJECT_NAME:%:%:COUNTER_NAME:%" will be enabled on %:DISABLE_UNTIL:%

You can use the getValueFromJSONStr() function to get data from the JSON structure returned by the Disabled events notification collector. For example, getValueFromJSONStr(%: PARENT_VALUE:%, "objectName") will return the name of the object, and getValueFromJSONStr(%: PARENT_VALUE:%, "disableUntil") will return the date and time before which the event was disabled.